How to register

1 Login to the site Jeunesse Global

Enter your URL address bar :

Then click on registration as image (2)

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2 Choose Country

You can choose all Countries (1) available and the language (2) that you wish. Jeunesse Global is currently in more than 120 countries.

Then click on "Continue" (3)

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3 General terms and conditions

Click to read the documents compensation plans, rules, company policies, terms and general conditions. (1)

After reading, click on " I agree " (2)

then click on "Continue" (3)

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4 Fill in your information

Main website URL (1):
Your username ( Nickname ) to log into your account ( Back Office ), that will also serves as a web address.

(example : your username is Jeanjeunesse, your website will become :

Password (2):
Keep your password which will be very important later on.

First and last name (3):
Enter your full name ( preferably without the french accent ).

Company (4):
Remplissez seulement si vous avez une entreprise et que vous souhaitez l'utliser pour acheter et vendre les produits. Complete only if you have a company and want to use it in order to buy and sell products.

Shown name (5):
The name that will be displayed on the home page of your site Jeunesse ( editable ).

Date of birth (6):
Your date of birth should be on the format month/day/year (example : 12/25/70 , 25th december 1970).

Update France 2016 :
You must fill in fields : City of birth, Native country, Country of nationality.
For France : You must choose a "contractual system" to be a distributor. The contractual regime is a juridical status that allows you to sell products. You can choose between VDI Buyer-Dealer, Self-employed or a company (LTD, LLC,...).

VDI Buyer-Dealer :
Click on the registration instructions online VDI and follow the steps. The SSN number will be your social security number.
Self-employed :
Sign up and follow the steps to get registred.
Company :
Book the existing companies and the ones with knowledge about holding a company.

A piece of advice : Register as a VDI - Buyer-Dealer ( A video will explain the benefits of this status )

E-mail (7):
Enter your valid email address.

Phone (8):
Enter your phone number without punctuation and spaces (you can add your mobile phone number twice ).

Name for sending ( 9) (Home):
Enter your first and last name in both the boxes . And contact information for boxes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Delivery address
Check the box " Shipping and mailing indentique " only if you want to send the products to the same address mentioned above.
Otherwise, fill in the form with the address where you want to receive products.

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5 Starter Kit

The Starter Kit ( Starter Kit ) is automatically selected, this includes your website with access to the Back Office, Iphone and Android Apps.

This is a license that costs 24.89€ pre-tax price.

The license replaces the goodwill in a common business.

You obviously have the choice for the starter kit "Jkit" with a pre-tax price 41.51€ that includes many tools.

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6 The choice of starter package

The choice of the package according to your goal:

The BASIC PACKAGE : Small income supplements

The SUPREME PACKAGE : Income Supplements



Tip: Jumbo and Ambassador packages are recommended if you aim to have at least a monthly income.

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7 Creation of the PACKAGE ( optional )

You can create your PACKAGE if you know the products, click on " Create a Package ""

To fill in the PACKAGE, click on the desired product(s) and enter the number of the product(s).

Important: Assemble a minimum of 100CV PACKAGE for your first order to have the "Distributor" status.

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8 Payment card option

This will be your VISA card to withdraw, pay online or in store with your bank account Jeunesse

The money that you get from Jeunesse excluding direct sales.

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9 Auto ship option

Auto ship is essential est essentiel to get qualified monthly for the winning teams commission. In addition, this will allow you to not lose points (CV) generated by your team and the other people.

For this, validate your auto ship or by selecting a or some product(s) to reach 60CV , CV are shown right next to the price.

Important information

However, you can have a choice in the auto ship if you buy a product and you reach 60cv in a month, your auto ship will only be active the next month..

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Congratulations you are officialy distributor in Jeunesse Global ! E-mail us quickly and we'll elaborate together your goal and success.