ZEN SHAPE™ - 120 capsules

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Appeared in the Forbes Magazine ( USA ) as one of the most effective products on the market, extract African mango seed is one of the main ingredients of ZEN SHAPE™. Meticulously developed, ZEN SHAPE™ is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and wellness. An essential part of the system ZEN BODI™.

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These powerful capsules contain a patented formula of african mango extract seeds whose ability to stimulate weight loss and welfare metabolic has been demonstrated clinically. Fortified with an infusion of raspberry ketones and a high-quality green tea extract ZEN SHAPE controls appetite and helps regulate the levels of sugar in the blood. Achieve a perfect balance with Zen Shape.

Promotes metabolic health

Promotes fat loss

Decreases the needs of carbohydrates and sugar

Controls appetite

Take two (2) capscules 30-60 minutes before the meal, twice to trice a day.

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